But there is no functional reason to box yourself into a needlessly complex, virtually impossible situation. I could have given you guesses too. I have no reason to track down the schematics for the PC of an anonymous stranger when there is a simple alternative. Saw this post a couple of weeks back and simply bookmarked it for when I’d get around to testing it out. There will be absolutely no performance difference whatsoever. I did a little searching on newegg for you and it looks like the cases they used to sell with the built in IR receivers are not there any longer but I know that they had them.

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View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. My grandma isn’t very handy with asrok soldering iron. If you are missing the CIR port and have the IR header on your asrock cir receiver, the top pinout may work for you.

Onkyoman is online now. I realize that OP was looking for the exact dongle to fit the header on his MoBo but was also offering alternatives. Please login using the form on the asrock cir receiver. When you get the set, just put the remote in a drawer or in the garbage and forget it ever existed.

BTW, ajhiebmy suggestion for getting the echo remote was not correct in that there were no dongles but I figured the OP needed a remote too because usually these remotes are sold with the dongle, most commonly the USB dongle. Hmm, found something interesting, appearantly if I read this asrock cir receiver it should be as simple as just getting an IR receiver or rip one out of an old device, say a VCR or something and simply plug it into asrock cir receiver motherboard, supposedly that’s all the dongle really does, so if it’s really that simple, all I would need is the receiver and an old flash drive and I should be able to solder one up in no time, and maybe even asrock cir receiver free http: Any of these should do just fine.


I’ve been dealing with CIR protocols for nearly 20 years.

You don’t need to do any of that. To you, apparently not. Take it or leave it. Last edited by mdavej; at Originally Posted asrock cir receiver zsrock. I also have a stack of echo remotes that look exactly like the one you have in the link.

Making cheap use of the ASRock CIR Header old MB’s and possibly newer models

I looked at the specifications for the RC you posted and it doesn’t say anything about Recwiver compatibility. It’s not a “black box”, Intel, ASRock, etc. The ones linked will work better than the one asrock cir receiver show in your link BTW. Login at Kodi Home.

asrock cir receiver I have the teceiver version of gotham installed. My other suggestions to by a Rosewill remote was to get the dongle because it can, in fact, be set up to wake the computer from sleep.


I could have given you guesses too. Basically all you had to say was “Sorry, I’m not sure what to do in this case, the best advice I asrock cir receiver give is to get a USB kit”.

Confused with too many motherboard drivers/software

I would not purposely mislead you. I tried with an Asrock EM1 using the same sensor as this guy. From the link provided: That is essentially what I said in my one and only post on the thread receicer. Dougie Fresh Donor Asrock cir receiver Cheap universal remote set to asrock cir receiver MCE? I have no reason to track down the schematics for the PC of an anonymous stranger when there is a simple alternative.

So asrock cir receiver IR receiver itself would be the bottleneck, and that’s going to be asrock cir receiver identical to any internal receiver you get. Originally Posted by mikedamirault. I understood what you were talking about. Reveiver it really isn’t the only one because I posted another that wakes from S5 as did you. Or are there any guides where I could possibly make one myself or mod something similar to make it work on the Recejver header?