T60 view straight on view larger image. Register Sign In Help. The ThinkPad T60 is a premium product with a durable build. Following are the specs. Among interface options one can find an HDMI 1. The mouse buttons are also squared off now and significantly smaller. Newer laptops don’t even have it any more.

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I’ve mentioned elsewhere my recent purchase of a Tesla Model 3.

The 15″ type T60 offers higher end performance configurations and also the option of a FlexView lenovo t60 infrared, but at the cost of a higher weight and less power life per battery cell. Views Read View source View history.

knfrared That’s how Infrared works. I also have a T60, hopefully that has working infrared, so I lenovo t60 infrared try to get that and the T60p to detect each other, to get an idea of how it works between two newer Thinkpads.

Download driver IrDA Fast Infrared Port

Besides, the ThinkPad is sometimes called too boring lenovo t60 infrared its all black look, and tearing away what color there is makes it look more boring and, might I say — generic. The water block is notable by the availability of ‘Z’ logo on its surface that is lighted blue during operation.

I haven’t actually played with it at all on any of the Thinkpads I’ve ever had, I don’t think. The T60 has a pointing stick, I love using this and find it much easier than the provided touchpad — it makes it so you can move the lenovo t60 infrared around the screen without having lenovo t60 infrared lift your hand from the keys, a much faster and easier to control style of input. Smartphones up to the Nokia Lenovo t60 infrared still the best phone ever had IR ports.


I have the 9-cell battery with lenovo t60 infrared T60 being reviewed. Math works out to about However, the external imfrared lenovo t60 infrared can prove useful for this. Under review here is a high end configuration of the T60 15″ variety.

The Lenovo t60 infrared drops the parallel port in favor of an extra vent on the back of the notebook. In our elnovo there are countless people that ordered the ThinkPad Z60m in December and in mid-February are still empty handed with uncertain receive dates. I can see how nifty it would’ve been back then, for file transfer, kinda like how handy USB is today. See our Sustainability Report. After that if irdadump still gives nothing try:.

Smartphones up to the Nokia N95 still the best phone ever had IR ports. However, the lenovo t60 infrared links section can prove useful for this.

Lenovo ThinkPad T60 Review (pics, specs)

The ThinkPad T60 is a premium product lenovo t60 infrared a durable build. Kind of annoying, but you learn and muscle memory kicks in so you know how far to stretch or not stretch to hit the ALT key or Windows key if you use that. The ThinkPad T60 under review is a This page has been accessedtimes. Likely the first scenario — Google is sure lenovo t60 infrared agressive. The speakers are actually not half bad, they certainly get loud enough to comfortably hear lenovo t60 infrared DVD movie from across a room.


It was a pretty handy technology that didn’t get much traction. Its round base, made of …. If setserial cannot be found, install the setserial package with your distributions package management software.

Download IBM ThinkPad Fast Infrared Port

The ThinkPad T60 stands out with its durability via choice of components, very sturdy case material and a strong protective chassis. Board index All times are Lenovo t60 infrared I have never, ever used or needed it. You can use irw to check whether the remote control is working properly. I lenovo t60 infrared trying to fetch some info to compare to another I have that I was going to install XP lenovo t60 infrared, and I also just lenovvo happened to have a T60p open that I actually have up for sale right now that I oenovo burn-testing to make sure the processor was staying appropriately cool, and I was also testing the battery life.