Send SMS after switched off. UPS PhoenixTec protocol restored to old version. It can happen ten times in half an hour and then stop – just like that – and be fine for a few days. Data such as input, output and battery voltage, electrical load amount, operating status, temperature, etc. Unit restart after a few days while in 8-analog input mode. Improved multiple SMS notification function. WEST version now include Russian language.

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Unit restart 20000 a few days while in 8-analog input mode. Send Wake on LAN when power is restored. Saving fax to USB dongle issue.

Software for AC-UPS-Systems

Linux Debian x86, x64 kernel 2. Shows UPS parameters by graphical interface The UPS’s upsilon 2000 parameters voltage and frequency of input and output, battery voltage, percentage and charge rate, local temperature, probable errors, etc. SNMP v2c, V2 trap. EAST language to include: Other minor bug fixes. upsilon 2000


UPS communication debug 4. If there are genuine electrical issues my guess is that the internet connection outside from your house is upsilon 2000 down as it is likely to share the same supply Connecting with USB dongle issue.

Upsilon 2000 your NetAgent Firmware is either V1. Netility for Windows v5. Improved multiple SMS notification function. However, it is enough to trigger my UPSilon into action and it duly bleeps at me – twice.

Improvements to watchdog upsilon 2000 system start-up. FTP client upgrade firmware function could be turned-off. Modbus on RS BY model only 4.

Software for AC-UPS-Systems

Manual upsilno English, Trad. NetAgent9 firmware based on the functionalities of NetAgent7 v2. Change default SSL key into bits. Note upsilon 2000 50 cent hole before data starts to flow again!

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Features Downloads Automatic execution of special script Execution of a specific file or script is possible before automatic shutdown of client or server. NetAgent Upsilon 2000 download procedure: ClientMate for Upsilon 2000 v6.


BX and DX firmware 3.

C Ulsilon external card C T internal card. If you now have V2. This page is best viewed on x NetAgent9 firmware updated with all functionalities of NetAgent7 v2. Upsilon 2000 10, Manual in English and Traditional Chinese. Dec 5, I keep getting a surge or an interruption in my power supply, evidenced by a flicker upsilon 2000 the main lights.

BT external card BT internal card. Log issue in Upsilon 2000 Flash. If you encounter any problems, please email our Technical Team.